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Neues Museum

Neues Museum, Staircase; Photo: Wolfgang Bittner, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (Berlin Monument Authority)
Photos: Wolfgang Bittner, LDA
Neues Museum, Roman hall; Photo: Wolfgang Bittner, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (Berlin Monument Authority)

Bodestraße 4, Mitte; 1841-55 by Friedrich August Stüler

The structure of the Neues Museum still bears marks of the war's destruction in 1945. Relatively simple in the Schinkel-school style, it has been restored to resume its former position as a full-fledged component of the Museumsinsel. The rich interior décor contrasting with a parsimonious exterior is an element of Friedrich August Stüler's design concept. The central staircase contained three flights of marble stairs, at the end of which arose a reproduction of the caryatid temple of Erechteion. Monumental paintings entitled "The Cultural Development of All Nations and Times" by Wilhelm Kaubach decorated the walls. The collection rooms grouped around two inner courtyards were also of complex decorative design complemented by colored murals related to the exhibits. As the northern courtyard on the ground floor did not survive until restoration, it was redesigned for the Egyptian exhibition with pillars like those of an Egyptian temple. Contrastingly, the former décor of the second courtyard, designated the Greek courtyard, is largely preserved with a monumental frieze of the destruction of Pompeii by Hermann Schievelbein.

A technical innovation very advanced for its time was the construction of flat vaulted ceilings using light cross-beam ceiling constructions on the third floor. Iron frames and murals of the late Romantic Art School of Berlin are well preserved in the Niobidensaal ("Niobean hall") to this day. Other rooms also contain the remains of original room settings such as the Roman hall or northern dome. All of these rare attestations to a historic museum concept are being integrated into the reorganization of the museum.


European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award Winner 2010

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The Neues Museum Berlin
The Neues Museum Berlin
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Neues Museum, Photo: Wolfgang Bittner, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (Berlin Monument Authority)