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Jagdschlosspark Klein-Glienicke

Jagdschloss Glienicke; Photo: Sabine Hierath
Photo: Sabine Hierath
Jagdschloss Glienicke, Gartengestaltung durch Peter Joseph Lenné, Teich; Photo: Wolfgang Reuss, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (Berlin Monument Authority)
 Photo: Wolfgang Reuss, LDA

Jagdschlosspark Klein-Glienicke (Royal hunting lodge park Klein-Glienicke)
Zehlendorf; 1859-62 by Peter Joseph Lenné and Prince Carl, structural modifications 1939; restored 1985; Böttcherberg, from 1804, from the 1830s by Peter Joseph Lenné and Prince Carl, restored 1979

Since 1983, another goal has been to recreate the Jagdschlosspark so that it might once again be experienced in its original splendor. It is a part of Glienicker Park extending south from Königsstrasse toward Babelsberg, the core area of which dates back to the Great Elector.
Although no sketches by Peter Joseph Lennè exist, it is assumed that he created the Jagdschlosspark together with Prince Carl. There are no garden elements to be found in the park; just the painstakingly designed park area extending from the banks of the Havel River right up to the castle.
Preservation measures of the horticultural monument began in 1984 based on the historic plans of 1862 and an archaeological excavation program of the garden. Approximately 20,000 cubic meters of earth were removed, the entire network of paths restored and the pond reconstructed. Apart from its significance as an aesthetic garden element, the pond also serves as an outlet for the floodwaters of the Havel River which frequently threaten the park area. Overgrown views of the Havel River landscape have been restored, thus allowing two main axial views designed by Lennè to unfold freely from Schloss Klein-Glienicke beyond Königsstrasse across the Jagdschlosspark toward Potsdam.
This fulfilled Lennè's intention to become and remain "master of views" for the Havel landscape blessed with so many bodies of water.
Jagdschloss Glienicke; Photo: Wolfgang Reuss, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (Berlin Monument Authority)
Photo: Wolfgang Reuss, LDA