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Gutspark Britz

Gutspark Britz (Manor Park Britz) - Schloss (Britz castle)
Britzer Kirchteich, Schloss (Britz castle)

Gutspark Britz, Alt-Britz 73, Neukölln;
about 1690, redesigned about 1840, about 1890 by Wilhelm Nahlop and after 1950; restoration 1984-88

Nearly three hundred years of continuous history can be traced through the many elements of the garden at Manor Park Britz. The Baroque garden bears the mark of two personalities of the Prussian state, the ministers Heinrich Rüdiger von Ilgen and Ewald Friedrich von Hertzberg, and still can be identified by its central avenue and preserved remnants of another. The age of its artistic landscape design is apparent in the northwestern extension known as the "Aha" at the garden's southern end and some of its surviving trees. During the Wilheminian period the industrialist August Wrede added a network of paths and decorated the park extravagantly with tropical plants and carpet-gardens typical of the period. Exemplary of this style are the round, bordered Tortenbeete ("pie beds") near the manor. Restoration of the park and manor was completed in 1988. The loss of so many castle and estate gardens of this style in Mark Brandenburg after the Second World War made the Manor Park Britz especially important as a document of this style of garden design. Today, exhibitions and concerts are held in the manor house and other buildings of the former estate.
Gutspark Britz (Manor Park Britz) - Schloss (Britz castle)