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Nikolaikirche (Church of Nicholas), Nikolaikirchplatz, Mitte;
remains of various phases of building, cemetery, 12th - 15th century

The goal of the extensive excavations in the Nikolaikirche in the years 1956 through 1958 and 1980 through 1983 was to settle the ancient history of the construction of the church. Archeologists brought to the surface the remains of two preceding structures, an early Gothic church hall in brick and a late Romantic basilica of granite blocks. Below this oldest erection of the Nikolaikirche, archeologists chanced upon graves of an older cemetery which overlay and intersected the foundations. The dead were buried in coffins, without burial gifts, and oriented in the east-west orientation. There was no indication of a church belonging to the graveyard. After restoration of the Nikolaikirche, part of the excavation finds remained preserved as a visible archeological monument.

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