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Feldsteinbrunnen, Backbergstraße 38, Neukölln;
Feldsteinbrunnen (boulder fountain), second half of the fourteenth century

The purpose of an archeological dig next to the Dorfkirche (village church) in Britz in 1967 was to localize the residence of the lords of Britzik. Their estate was mentioned in the land register of Kaiser Karl IV in 1375and presumed to have stood in this location. Excavators were able to unearth a fountain of dry laid boulders on the edge of the construction pit for the new parish hall. The investigation revealed that the fountain must have been in use around 1900 and therefore had been cleaned too frequently to contain any materials that would allow the find to be dated. However, ceramic fragments were recovered from the pit of the fountain which allowed dating to the second half of the fourteenth century. Besides the remains of everyday ceramic, fragments of bricks in "monastery format" and roofing tiles also were found. Additional finds of ceramic tiling, as well as the debris of a demolished stove of ceramic tiles with a quatrefoil aperture like those used in aristocratic houses, point to a residence of the nobility. The rectory garden was investigated in spring 1968, but only a foundation wall from the eighteenth century and a remnant of an older foundation constructed of boulders were found. After conclusion of the excavation, the boulder fountain was preserved with funds of the State Curator and the Berlin Lottery. Today it is located in a separate basement room where the excavation finds are also exhibited, accessible from the cellar of the parish hall.

Admission after registration in the parish office. Ev. Dorfkirchengemeinde Britz: +49 (0)30 60083809