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Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was consecrated in 1895. Initially planned for Wittenbergplatz, it was relocated to Breitscheidplatz towards the city boundary for reasons of cost containment. The monumental structure built to plans by architect Franz Schwechten draws outwardly on the image of a medieval imperial fortress.

In 1961, as a result of pressure from the population, Karlsruhe architect Egon Eiermann integrated the tower ruin, left behind by World War II, into his new building. The new tower and octagonally shaped church nave frame the relic as a memorial to the destruction caused by war.

The two new buildings consist of blue glazed, honeycomb elements. A slightly raised platform connects the individual segments and moulds them into an ensemble. In the mid-1990s, the church nave and subsequently the bell tower were refurbished. In 2004, a new pavillon was added to the base of the old tower and houses a church store.
The necessary refurbishment of the church has begun in autumn 2010, funded mostly by donations.

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