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On the Way to the Humboldt-Forum

The Humboldt-Forum

The Humboldt-Forum is envisaged as an international forum of art, culture and science to be built on the grounds of the former Berlin City Palace. The Forum will lie directly across from the Museum Island - which already features many outstanding collections of European art - and is designed to inspire a fruitful dialogue among the cultures of the world.

Some of Berlin's most important museums, libraries and research institutions will join forces at the Humboldt-Forum: for example, the National Museums in Berlin will present unique artistic and cultural artefacts from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. Humboldt University will exhibit its prominent collection of scientific research in the form of a "Schaufenster der Wissenschaft" (Showcase of the Sciences).

The Humboldt-Forum's guiding principle is an equal exchange among world cultures. The Forum will unite Wilhelm von Humboldt's humanistic model with Alexander von Humboldt's ideal of all-encompassing knowledge. On the grounds of the former Palace, at the very centre of historic Berlin, a new, universal approach to the world's civilizations will emerge. This is the vision of the Humboldt-Forum.

The Humboldt-Forum is designed to act as a site of information, education and meaningful cultural encounters for both Berliners and visitors. At its very core is a fascinating selection of exhibitions, lectures, theatres, film, music and dance.

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The Humboldt-Forum's guiding principle is an equal exchange among world cultures. © Andreas Teich/Caro

Congress participants in Berlin

Dance artist in chinese dress

World music festival