Brochure - Elements of sustainability (as of March 2009) - These pages are currently being revised.

Support programmes

Fundamental reconstruction of the Main Tropical Greenhouse, Botanic Garden Berlin; Photo: Freie Universität Berlin/Ingo Haas
Fundamental reconstruction of the Main Tropical Greenhouse, Botanic Garden Berlin
Photo: Freie Universität Berlin/Ingo Haas

The EU, the German Federal Government and the city of Berlin are subsidising ecological building through a number of programmes.In the area of energy alone, there are some 900 support programmes for private, public and commercial builder-owners. An overview is available:

Most programme funds are being administered by the KfW Bank Group (e.g. the funds from the CO2 building renovation programme, the 'Ecological Building' programme and the 'Generate Solar Power' programme). As a rule, they must be applied for through the applicant's bank. This bank is thus the first contact point for interested builder-owners.

Support by the IBB

The Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) is the central development bank for Berlin. It is currently supporting energy efficient building renovation via an additional interest reduction on the already low-interest loans from the federal CO2 building renovation programme.

The owners of rental buildings completed before 1984 and containing at least three flats can additionally receive a one-time construction costs subsidy for construction measures through the IBB for the improvement of outer-wall insulation. This subsidy amounts to 30 Euros per square metre of insulated surface. In order to receive these funds, the construction measure must be combined with the qualification and employment of unemployed persons in the construction industry. The Senate provides around 3 million Euros annually for the Qualification and Employment Promotion Programme (QUAB). The IBB supervises the application procedure in cooperation with KEBAB gGmbH. Information on IBB support funds is available at

(UEP – Environmental Relief Programme)

The Berlin Environmental Relief Programme is being continued from 2008 to 2013. Building on UEP I, which was completed in 2007, the Senate has launched UEP II within the framework of the EU structural funds. It supports a wide range of activities to relieve Berlin's environment.

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